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@ -0,0 +1,750 @@
(define (pk . args)
(write args)
(car (reverse args)))
(define json-number-of-character-limit (make-parameter +inf.0))
(define json-nesting-depth-limit (make-parameter +inf.0))
(define (json-null? obj)
(eq? obj 'null))
(define-record-type <json-error>
(make-json-error reason)
(reason json-error-reason))
(define (json-whitespace? char)
(case char
((#\x20 ; Space
#\x09 ; Horizontal tab
#\x0A ; Line feed or New line
#\x1E ;; Record Separator
(else #f)))
(define (expect value other)
(when (eof-object? value)
(raise (make-json-error "Unexpected end-of-file.")))
(assume (and (char? value) (char? other)) "invalid argument" '%json-tokens expect value other)
(unless (char=? value other)
(raise (make-json-error "Unexpected character."))))
(define (port->generator port)
(let ((count 0)
(limit (json-number-of-character-limit)))
(lambda ()
(let ((out (guard (ex ((read-error? ex) (raise (make-json-error "Read error!"))))
(read-char port))))
(if (= count limit)
(raise (make-json-error "Maximum number of character reached."))
(set! count (+ count 1))
(define (gcons head generator)
;; returns a generator that will yield, HEAD the first time, and
;; after than, it will yield items from GENERATOR.
(let ((head? #t))
(lambda ()
(if head?
(begin (set! head? #f) head)
(define (%json-tokens generator)
(define (maybe-ignore-whitespace generator)
(let loop ((char (generator)))
(if (json-whitespace? char)
(loop (generator))
(define (expect-null generator)
(expect (generator) #\u)
(expect (generator) #\l)
(expect (generator) #\l))
(define (expect-true generator)
(expect (generator) #\r)
(expect (generator) #\u)
(expect (generator) #\e))
(define (expect-false generator)
(expect (generator) #\a)
(expect (generator) #\l)
(expect (generator) #\s)
(expect (generator) #\e))
(define (maybe-char generator)
(let ((char (generator)))
(when (eof-object? char)
(raise (make-json-error "Unexpected end-of-file.")))
(when (char=? char #\")
(raise (make-json-error "Unexpected end of string.")))
(define (read-unicode-escape generator)
(let* ((one (maybe-char generator))
(two (maybe-char generator))
(three (maybe-char generator))
(four (maybe-char generator)))
(let ((out (string->number (list->string (list one two three four)) 16)))
(if out
(raise (make-json-error "Invalid code point."))))))
(define ash arithmetic-shift)
(define (read-json-string generator)
(let loop ((char (generator))
(out '()))
(when (eof-object? char)
(raise (make-json-error "Unexpected end of file.")))
(when (or (char=? char #\x00)
(char=? char #\newline)
(char=? char #\tab))
(raise (make-json-error "Unescaped control char.")))
;; XXX: Here be dragons.
(if (char=? char #\\)
(let loop-unescape ((char (generator))
(chars-unescaped '()))
(case char
((#\" #\\ #\/) (loop (generator)
(cons char (append chars-unescaped
((#\b) (loop (generator) (cons #\backspace
(append chars-unescaped
((#\f) (loop (generator) (cons #\x0C
(append chars-unescaped
((#\n) (loop (generator) (cons #\newline
(append chars-unescaped
((#\r) (loop (generator) (cons #\x0D
(append chars-unescaped
((#\t) (loop (generator) (cons #\tab
(append chars-unescaped
((#\u) (let loop-unicode ((code1 (read-unicode-escape generator))
(chars chars-unescaped))
(let ((next-char (generator)))
(if (and (<= #xd800 code1 #xdbff)
(char=? next-char #\\))
(if (char=? (generator) #\u)
(let ((code2 (read-unicode-escape generator)))
(if (<= #xdc00 code2 #xdfff)
(let ((integer
(+ #x10000 (bitwise-ior
(ash (- code1 #xd800) 10)
(- code2 #xdc00)))))
;; full escape of unicode is parsed...
(loop (generator)
(cons (integer->char integer)
(append chars
;; This is another unicode char
(loop-unicode (read-unicode-escape generator)
(cons (integer->char code1) chars))))
;; The escaped unicode char is
;; parsed, need to parse another
;; escape that is not a unicode
;; escape sequence
(loop-unescape char (cons (integer->char code1)
;; This is not a big-ish unicode char and
;; the next thing is some other char.
(loop next-char
(cons (integer->char code1) (append chars out)))))))
(else (raise (make-json-error "Unexpected escaped sequence."))))))
((char=? char #\")
(list->string (reverse out)))
(loop (generator) (cons char out)))))))
(define (maybe-read-number generator)
;; accumulate chars until a control char or whitespace is reached,
;; validate that it is JSON number, then intrepret it as Scheme
;; number using string->number
(let loop ((char (generator))
(out '()))
(if (or (eof-object? char)
(json-whitespace? char)
(char=? char #\,)
(char=? char #\])
(char=? char #\}))
(let ((string (list->string (reverse out))))
(if (valid-number? string)
(let ((number (string->number string)))
(if number
(values number char)
(raise (make-json-error "Invalid number."))))
(raise (make-json-error "Invalid number."))))
(loop (generator) (cons char out)))))
;; gist
(assume (procedure? generator) "invalid argument" generator)
(let ((char (generator)))
(if (eof-object? char)
eof-object ;; return an empty generator
(unless (char=? char #\xFEFF)
;; if it is not a UTF-8 BOM, put back the char in front of
;; the generator
(set! generator (gcons char generator)))
(lambda ()
(define char (maybe-ignore-whitespace generator))
(if (eof-object? char)
char ;; return that eof-object
(case char
((#\n) (expect-null generator) 'null)
((#\t) (expect-true generator) #t)
((#\f) (expect-false generator) #f)
((#\:) 'colon)
((#\,) 'comma)
((#\[) 'array-start)
((#\]) 'array-end)
((#\{) 'object-start)
((#\}) 'object-end)
((#\") (read-json-string generator))
(call-with-values (lambda () (maybe-read-number (gcons char generator)))
(lambda (number next)
(set! generator (gcons next generator))
(define json-tokens
(() (json-tokens (current-input-port)))
((procedure? port-or-generator)
(%json-tokens port-or-generator))
((and (textual-port? port-or-generator) (input-port? port-or-generator))
(%json-generator (port->generator port-or-generator)))
(else (error 'json "json-tokens error, argument is not valid" port-or-generator))))))
(define (%json-generator tokens)
(define limit (json-nesting-depth-limit))
(define count 0)
(define (handle-limit!)
(if (= count limit)
(raise (make-json-error "Maximum JSON nesting depth reached"))
(set! count (+ count 1))))
(define (array-maybe-continue tokens k)
(lambda ()
(let ((token (tokens)))
(case token
((comma) (start tokens (array-maybe-continue tokens k)))
((array-end) (values 'array-end k))
(else (raise (make-json-error "Invalid array, expected comma or array close.")))))))
(define (array-start tokens k)
(lambda ()
(let ((token (tokens)))
(if (eq? token 'array-end)
(values 'array-end k)
(start (gcons token tokens) (array-maybe-continue tokens k))))))
(define (object-maybe-continue tokens k)
(lambda ()
(let ((token (tokens)))
(case token
((object-end) (values 'object-end k))
((comma) (let ((token (tokens)))
(unless (string? token)
(raise (make-json-error "Invalid object, expected an object key")))
(values token
(object-colon tokens k))))
(else (raise (make-json-error "Invalid object, expected comma or object close.")))))))
(define (object-colon tokens k)
(lambda ()
(let ((token (tokens)))
(if (eq? token 'colon)
(let ((token (tokens)))
(if (eof-object? token)
(raise (make-json-error "Invalid object, expected object value."))
(start (gcons token tokens) (object-maybe-continue tokens k))))
(raise (make-json-error "Invalid object, expected colon."))))))
(define (object-start tokens k)
(lambda ()
(let ((token (tokens)))
((eq? token 'object-end) (values 'object-end k))
((string? token)
(values token
(object-colon tokens k)))
(else (raise (make-json-error "Invalid object, expected object key or object close.")))))))
(define (start tokens k)
(let ((token (tokens)))
(if (eof-object? token)
(values token k)
((or (json-null? token)
(number? token)
(string? token)
(boolean? token))
(values token k))
((eq? token 'array-start)
(values 'array-start (array-start tokens k)))
((eq? token 'object-start)
(values 'object-start (object-start tokens k)))
(else (raise (make-json-error "Is it JSON text?!")))))))
(define (end-of-top-level-value)
;; json-generator returns a generator that reads one top-level
;; json. If there is more than one top-level json value in the
;; generator separated with space as it is the case of json-lines,
;; you need to call json-generator with the same port or
;; generator.
(values (eof-object) #f))
(define (make-trampoline-generator tokens)
(let ((continuation (lambda () (start tokens end-of-top-level-value))))
(lambda ()
(when continuation
(call-with-values continuation
(lambda (event new-continuation)
(set! continuation new-continuation)
;; gist
(assume (procedure? tokens) "invalid argument" %json-generator tokens)
(make-trampoline-generator tokens))
(define json-generator-error
"Argument does not look like a generator and is not a textual input port.")
(define json-generator
(() (json-generator (current-input-port)))
(%json-generator (json-tokens (port->generator port))))))
;; XXX: procedure foldts is not used as-is. It was copied here for
;; documentation purpose (public domain, by Oleg Kiselyov).
(define (foldts fdown fup fhere seed tree)
;; - fhere is applied to the leafs of the tree
;; - fdown is invoked when a non-leaf node is entered before any of
;; the node's children are visited. fdown action has to generate a
;; seed to be passed to the first visited child of the node.
;; - fup is invoked after all the children of a node have been
;; seen. The first argument is the local state at the moment the
;; traversal process enters the branch rooted at the current node. The
;; second argument is the result of visiting all child branches. The
;; action of fup isto produce a seed that is taken to be the state of
;; the traversal after the process leave the currents the current
;; branch.
((null? tree) seed)
((not (pair? tree)) ; An atom
(fhere seed tree))
(let loop ((kid-seed (fdown seed tree))
(kids (cdr tree)))
(if (null? kids)
(fup seed kid-seed tree)
(loop (foldts fdown fup fhere kid-seed (car kids))
(cdr kids)))))))
(define (%json-fold proc array-start array-end object-start object-end seed port-or-generator)
;; json-fold is inspired from the above foldts definition, unlike
;; the above definition, it is continuation-passing-style. fhere is
;; renamed PROC. Unlike foldts, json-fold will call (proc obj seed)
;; everytime a JSON value or complete structure is read from the
;; EVENTS generator, where OBJ will be: a) In the case of
;; structures, the the result of the recursive call or b) a JSON
;; value.
;; json-fold will terminates in three cases:
;; - eof-object was generated, return the seed.
;; - event-type 'array-end is generated, if EVENTS is returned by
;; json-generator, it means a complete array was read.
;; - event-type 'object-end is generated, similarly, if EVENTS is
;; returned by json-generator, it means complete array was
;; read.
;; IF EVENTS does not follow the json-generator protocol, the
;; behavior is unspecified.
(define events (json-generator port-or-generator))
(define (ruse seed k)
(lambda ()
(let loop ((seed seed))
(let ((event (events)))
(if (eof-object? event)
(begin (k seed) #f)
(case event
;; termination cases
((array-end) (k seed))
((object-end) (k seed))
;; recursion
((array-start) (ruse (array-start seed)
(lambda (out) (loop (proc (array-end out) seed)))))
((object-start) (ruse (object-start seed)
(lambda (out) (loop (proc (object-end out) seed)))))
(else (loop (proc event seed)))))))))
(define (make-trampoline-fold k)
(let ((thunk (ruse seed k)))
(let loop ((thunk thunk))
(when thunk
(loop (thunk))))))
(define %unset '(unset))
(let ((out %unset))
(define (escape out*)
(set! out out*)
(make-trampoline-fold escape)
(if (eq? out %unset)
(error 'json "Is this JSON text")
(define json-fold
((proc array-start array-end object-start object-end seed)
(json-fold proc array-start array-end object-start object-end seed (current-input-port)))
((proc array-start array-end object-start object-end seed port-or-generator)
(%json-fold proc array-start array-end object-start object-end seed port-or-generator))))
(define (%json-read port-or-generator)
(define %root '(root))
(define (array-start seed)
;; array will be read as a list, then converted into a vector in
;; array-end.
(define (array-end items)
(list->vector (reverse items)))
(define (object-start seed)
;; object will be read as a property list, then converted into an
;; alist in object-end.
(define (plist->alist plist)
;; PLIST is a list of even items, otherwise json-generator
;; would have raised a json-error.
(let loop ((plist plist)
(out '()))
(if (null? plist)
(loop (cddr plist) (cons (cons (string->symbol (cadr plist)) (car plist)) out)))))
(define object-end plist->alist)
(define (proc obj seed)
;; proc is called when a JSON value or structure was completly
;; read. The parse result is passed as OBJ. In the case where
;; what is parsed is a JSON simple json value then OBJ is simply
;; the token that is read that can be 'null, a number or a string.
;; In the case where what is parsed is a JSON structure, OBJ is
;; what is returned by OBJECT-END or ARRAY-END.
(if (eq? seed %root)
;; It is toplevel, a complete JSON value or structure was read,
;; return it.
;; This is not toplevel, hence json-fold is called recursivly,
;; to parse an array or object. Both ARRAY-START and
;; OBJECT-START return an empty list as a seed to serve as an
;; accumulator. Both OBJECT-END and ARRAY-END expect a list
;; as argument.
(cons obj seed)))
(let ((out (json-fold proc
;; if out is the root object, then the port or generator is empty.
(if (eq? out %root)
(define json-read
(() (json-read (current-input-port)))
((port-or-generator) (%json-read port-or-generator))))
;; json-lines-read
(define json-lines-read
(() (json-lines-read (current-input-port)))
(lambda ()
(json-read port-or-generator)))))
;; json-sequence-read
(define json-sequence-read
(() (json-sequence-read (current-input-port)))
(lambda ()
(let loop ()
(guard (ex ((json-error? ex) (loop)))
(json-read port-or-generator)))))))
;; write procedures
(define (json-accumulator accumulator)
(define (write-json-char char accumulator)
(case char
((#\x00) (accumulator "\\u0000"))
((#\") (accumulator "\\\""))
((#\\) (accumulator "\\\\"))
((#\/) (accumulator "\\/"))
((#\return) (accumulator "\\r"))
((#\newline) (accumulator "\\n"))
((#\tab) (accumulator "\\t"))
((#\backspace) (accumulator "\\b"))
((#\x0c) (accumulator "\\f"))
(else (accumulator char))))
(define (write-json-string string accumulator)
(accumulator #\")
(lambda (char) (write-json-char char accumulator))
(accumulator #\"))
(define (write-json-value obj accumulator)
((eq? obj 'null) (accumulator "null"))
((boolean? obj) (if obj
(accumulator "true")
(accumulator "false")))
((string? obj) (write-json-string obj accumulator))
((number? obj) (accumulator (number->string obj)))
(else (raise (make-json-error "Invalid json value.")))))
(define (raise-invalid-event event)
(raise event))
;;(raise (make-json-error "json-accumulator: invalid event.")))
(define (object-start k)
(lambda (accumulator event)
(accumulator #\{)
(case (car event)
(let ((key (cdr event)))
(unless (symbol? key) (raise-invalid-event event))
(write-json-string (symbol->string key) accumulator)
(object-value k)))
(case (cdr event)
(accumulator #\})
(else (raise-invalid-event event))))
(else (raise-invalid-event event)))))
(define (object-value k)
(lambda (accumulator event)
(accumulator #\:)
(case (car event)
(write-json-value (cdr event) accumulator)
(object-maybe-continue k))
(case (cdr event)
(array-start (object-maybe-continue k)))
(object-start (object-maybe-continue k)))
(else (raise-invalid-event event))))
(else (raise-invalid-event event)))))
(define (object-maybe-continue k)
(lambda (accumulator event)
(case (car event)
(accumulator #\,)
(let ((key (cdr event)))
(unless (symbol? key) (raise-invalid-event event))
(write-json-value (symbol->string key) accumulator)
(object-value k)))
(case (cdr event)
(accumulator #\})
(else (raise-invalid-event event))))
(else (raise-invalid-event event)))))
(define (array-start k)
(lambda (accumulator event)
(accumulator #\[)
(case (car event)
(write-json-value (cdr event) accumulator)
(array-maybe-continue k))
(case (cdr event)
(accumulator #\])
((array-start) (array-start (array-maybe-continue k)))
((object-start) (object-start (array-maybe-continue k)))
(else (raise-invalid-event event))))
(else (raise-invalid-event event)))))
(define (array-maybe-continue k)
(lambda (accumulator event)
(case (car event)
(accumulator #\,)
(write-json-value (cdr event) accumulator)
(array-maybe-continue k))
(case (cdr event)
(accumulator #\])
(accumulator #\,)
(array-start (array-maybe-continue k)))
(accumulator #\,)
(object-start (array-maybe-continue k)))
(else (raise-invalid-event event))))
(else (raise-invalid-event event)))))
(define (start accumulator event)
(case (car event)
(write-json-value (cdr event) accumulator)
(case (cdr event)
(array-start raise-invalid-event))
(object-start raise-invalid-event))
(else (raise-invalid-event event))))
(else (raise-invalid-event event))))
(assume (procedure? accumulator)
"ACCUMULATOR does look like a valid accumulator.")
(let ((k start))
(lambda (event)
(set! k (k accumulator event)))))
(define (%json-write obj accumulator)
(define (void)
(if #f #f))
(define (raise-unless-valid? obj)
((null? obj) (void))
((eq? obj 'null) (void))
((boolean? obj) (void))
((string? obj) (void))
((and (number? obj)
(not (infinite? obj))
(not (nan? obj))
(real? obj)
(or (and (exact? obj) (= (denominator obj) 1))
(inexact? obj)))
((vector? obj)
(vector-for-each (lambda (obj) (raise-unless-valid? obj)) obj))
;; XXX: use pair? then recursively check the tail.
((pair? obj)
(for-each (lambda (obj)
(unless (pair? obj)
(raise (make-json-error "Unexpected object, not a pair.")))
(unless (symbol? (car obj))
(raise (make-json-error "Unexpected object, not a symbol key.")))
(raise-unless-valid? (cdr obj)))
(else (raise (make-json-error "Unexpected object")))))
(define (write obj accumulator)
((or (eq? obj 'null)
(boolean? obj)
(string? obj)
(symbol? obj)
(number? obj))
(accumulator (cons 'json-value obj)))
((vector? obj)
(accumulator '(json-structure . array-start))
(vector-for-each (lambda (obj) (write obj accumulator)) obj)
(accumulator '(json-structure . array-end)))
((null? obj)
(accumulator '(json-structure . object-start))
(accumulator '(json-structure . object-end)))
((pair? obj)
(accumulator '(json-structure . object-start))
(for-each (lambda (pair)
(write (car pair) accumulator)
(write (cdr pair) accumulator))
(accumulator '(json-structure . object-end)))
(else (error "Unexpected error!"))))
(assume (procedure? accumulator)
"ACCUMULATOR does look like a valid accumulator.")
(raise-unless-valid? obj)
(write obj (json-accumulator accumulator)))
(define (port->accumulator port)
(lambda (char-or-string)
((char? char-or-string) (write-char char-or-string port))
((string? char-or-string) (write-string char-or-string port))
(else (raise (make-json-error "Not a char or string"))))))
(define json-write
((obj) (json-write obj (current-output-port)))
((obj port-or-accumulator)
(assume (or (procedure? port-or-accumulator)
(and (textual-port? port-or-accumulator)
(output-port? port-or-accumulator)))
"ACCUMULATOR does look like a valid accumulator.")
(if (procedure? port-or-accumulator)
(%json-write obj port-or-accumulator)
(%json-write obj (port->accumulator port-or-accumulator))))))

srfi.180.egg Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
;;; -*- scheme -*-
((author "John Cowan")
(synopsis "This library describes a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) parser and printer. It supports JSON that may be bigger than memory.")
(category parsing)
(license "MIT")
(version "1.0.0")
(dependencies r7rs srfi-60 srfi-145)
(extension srfi.180.helpers
(csc-options "-X" "r7rs" "-R" "r7rs"))
(extension srfi.180
(component-dependencies srfi.180.helpers)
(csc-options "-X" "r7rs" "-R" "r7rs"))))

srfi.180.helpers.scm Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
(import (r7rs))
(define-library (srfi 180 helpers)
(export valid-number?)
(import (scheme base)
(chicken irregex))
(define (valid-number? string)
(? #\-)
(or #\0 (seq (- numeric #\0)
(* numeric)))
(? (seq #\. (+ numeric)))
(? (seq (or #\e #\E)
(? (or #\- #\+))
(+ numeric))))

srfi.180.release-info Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
(repo git "")
(uri targz "{egg-release}.tar.gz")
(release "1.0.0")

srfi.180.scm Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
(import (r7rs))
(define-library (srfi 180)
(import (scheme base)
(scheme inexact)
(scheme case-lambda)
(scheme char)
(scheme write)
(srfi 180 helpers)
(srfi 145)
(only (srfi 60) arithmetic-shift bitwise-ior))
(export json-number-of-character-limit
(include "srfi.180-impl.scm"))